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A forward thinking community of young people exploring skills and opportunities for the future.

About WorldlyXP

A virtual, online space for people to learn, explore, expand their interests, and form a community with others around the world.

Why You Should Join

We’re here for gap year students, recent grads, people stuck at home, and curious thinkers everywhere.

WorldlyXP is a virtual learning community with people to meet, places to visit online, global perspectives to discover, and new things to learn about life, the world, and yourself.

The result is you, better connected with you. No matter what is on your horizon, you will start  with the confidence to succeed. And you’ll end up beyond where you expected.

What You Can Expect

WorldlyXP isn’t about online classes or coursework.
It’s about experiences and self-discovery.

Our platform will help you experiment and explore with smart solutions
that will teach you to think, adapt, and set you up for whatever the future offers you.
Plus, you can meet new people and make connections around the world.

Please stay polite, considerate and accepting of different views and opinions here, like you do in real life. While strong language is often used to express deeply held opinions and views, please remain cognizant that some people find extreme language offensive. 

Your privacy is important to us and we will never sell or use your information for any outside marketers, companies or organizations. Individuals are free to communicate the existence of what they might consider an important product or service to other members, but not as a reason for being here and within reason.

What's Going On

Incredible Live Events with passionate professionals!

Unique learning experiences built by industry professionals exclusively for Worldly XP!

Chats, discussions, and interesting topics to engage you with other users.

Check us out now!

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